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What is Family Assistance?2018-12-18T10:14:12+00:00

Family Assistance is a European project dedicated to families looking for an assistant to the person, for children, the elderly or the disabled, and to the assistants themselves looking for employment. A meeting point between supply and demand, which guarantees privacy and seriousness of the parties.

What do I do if I look for an assistant for me or for a member of my family?2018-12-18T10:19:10+00:00

If you are looking for a person who can help you or a member of your family, you must register by following the instructions. Then you can access a list of candidates with whom you can get in touch or enter a job offer and be contacted by those who want to apply.

What do I do if I am looking for a job as an assistant to the person?2018-12-18T10:24:30+00:00

If you are an assistant to the person and you are looking for employment, you can enter your curriculum vitae after registering by following the instructions. Your data will be visible only to registered users, and you will be contacted by those interested parties. Once the registration has been completed, you can also apply to the job offers already present and get in touch directly with those seeking assistance.

What if I can not confirm the registration through the appropriate link received via email because the system detects “invalid link error”?2018-12-18T10:28:16+00:00

In this case, copy the link and paste it on the URL of the browser and try again.

What if I changed my password but I still can not log in?2018-12-18T10:32:35+00:00

If you have this type of problem, try again by copying and pasting in the appropriate field the password received.